Seiko turtle vs skx

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Seiko turtle vs skx

Still, these two mid-range watches are often compared because they both belong to the same dive watch family of Seiko. After appearing in in limited quantities, the Seiko Samurai disappeared from the brands catalog for almost a decade.

The Prospex Samurai reappeared under the Lagoon Limited Edition banner, and the model easily sold out in a matter of days. Seeing the high demand for the model, Seiko reproduced the model and the Samurai is now back for good.

The Seiko Samurai is known for having one of the best quality-to-value ratios. The sports watch is available in 4 variants, each featuring a different combination of dial and bezel colors and strap materials.

The Seiko Turtle first made its appearance back in with a meter water-resistance rating. Even then, the unusual shape of the watch easily attracted attention. The Seiko Turtle is known for its cushion case that looks like the shell of a turtle. Seiko Turtle variants differ in the colors of the case, dial, bezel, and band.

Other than that, everything else is the same, including all the functions and features of the watch. The Samurai measures almost 44mm wide and 12mm thick. The Turtle, on the other hand, is a bit bigger with its 45mm wide and Both watches have a brushed stainless steel case and case back. Seiko is known for making thick and chunky diver watches. The case of the Turtle has a cushion style reflective of its retro theme.

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Both models have oversized crowns with fine teeth for easier grip and crown guards for protection. The bi-colored bezel of both the Turtle and the Samurai features a click, unidirectional rotation. This is useful for divers to mark the first 15 minutes of the watch which is important in keeping track of oxygen levels. Both the bezels are made of stainless steel and have a ribbed edge for easier grip. The bezel of both watches has a combination of Arabic and index minute markers.

The hands are a bit oversized, but their modern look makes the watch look cool and relevant. The hands of the Samurai and the Turtle have a highly luminescent coating that makes the time visible even from a distance of at least 25cm away.Prices will fluctuate due to supply and demand.

The majority of watch nerds online love Seiko, but the goofy designs kept me away from the entire brand. I even saved up enough money for a Rolex Explorer II before jumping on a far less expensive Seiko sports watch.

Again, mainly because of the unconventional designs. This meant I went a long time without buying a new watch, which was very difficult, because I am also a watch nerd. I already had a Bernhardt Sea Shark that satisfied my beater tool dive watch fix, so I set my eyes on the next watch that I felt was the absolute best value for the money.

First and foremost, I look for watches that I like, but then I exhaustively search for the best values. We all do this to a certain extent, whether we realize it or not. Anyway, now I finally get it! While I think the SRP Pepsi bezel on the matte black dial is the best version of this watch — it also comes in a few other colors — some of which look almost equally awesome.

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When approaching this section of the review, I feel a bit overwhelmed. Thats how much I love everything about this watch. But for the sake of my own sanity, which is dicey at best, I will say that I am surely forgetting a few things. Having an understanding of my perspective might help you for your own opinions about whether or not this watch is right for you. Or maybe not. I sold my Bernhardt Sea Sharkwhich is a great microbrand dive watch and very affordable. I wanted something relatively affordable that would last, but I was also wanted a few upgrades over the Sea Shark; specifically, better build quality, better lume, and an automatic movement with hacking and winding.

I love the Pelagos and my thinking was that I would use the remaining funds on a Nomos or something. They also did everything right. Also, that watch is a bit smaller, and I wanted to go slightly bigger for my beater tool diver. The movement is hacking and hand winding, which are nice features usually reserved for more expensive watches.

I love the matte black dial with the Pepsi bezel.In our view, its success would ultimately hinge on Seiko producing a faithful reinterpretation of the beloved diver, keeping the general feel and look of the while retaining the solid bang-for-your-buck build quality that Seiko is known for.

As it turns out, Seiko did not disappoint read our review here. Full disclosure: I am a huge fan of the It is undoubtedly one of my favorite watches, and not just from Seiko. As I had hoped, the reissue did justice to the original, with enough differences almost all of them positive to give the watch a thoroughly modern identity. In our initial review of the SRP77x, we refrained from pitting it against the original too much, preferring to evaluate the watch on its own merits.

Seiko SKX007 Review

The most iconic feature of that watch is the large cushion shaped case measuring roughly 45mm wide with a very reasonable lug-to-lug height of approximately 47mm, a thickness of 13mm, and an appropriate lug width of 22mm.

The width suggests a large watch, but the wears surprisingly smaller, and works on those of us with daintier wrists. The stainless steel case features a mix of finishes, with circular brushing up top, followed by a sharp delineation leading into highly polished sides.

The click bi-directional bezel has a matte black aluminum insert.

Seiko Samurai vs. Seiko Turtle – And the Seiko Diver Winner Is

One feature I really like is the way the insert slightly angles down toward the Hardlex crystal, giving the face of the watch some added dimensionality. The bezel has a two-tiered groove pattern that allows for a sure grip, and one that gives the watch a very cool industrial look fitting of its tool watch heritage.

At first glance, the reissue appears to accurately recreate the case. Side by side, however, the differences become a bit more obvious. First and foremost, the case on the SRP77x is a hair longer—measuring at around 48mm—which gives the case a slightly stretched look when compared to the original.

That being said, the extra millimeter is hardly noticeable on the wrist which is what really matters since the lug-to-lug height remains tempered in relation to the width of the watch. The next apparent difference is the positioning of the crown, which is placed around the mark. The crown architecture is a bit more traditional, akin to what you would find on the SKX The reissue also has an upped water resistance of meters and a case that is ISO certified. The insert is grained, mimicking the texture found on the original.

As it stands, the SRP77x series currently has 4 variants. As I noted in my review, one of the biggest improvements to the original design is the inclusion of drilled lugs. From a purely functional standpoint, drilled lugs belong on every tool watch, and the SRP77x is exactly that. Drilled lugs just facilitate that process.

seiko turtle vs skx

Seiko repeated the above formula with the dial, keeping it mostly intact while modernizing some of the visual and practical elements. The application of the markers is where the reissue stands out.

Seiko SKX vs. Seiko 5 Sports Divers – What’s the Difference?

Each marker is surrounded by a fine raised metallic border and filled with copious amounts of lume applied in a way gives the markers a 3-dimensonal appearance. This is one of my favorite upgrades to the dial because it gives the dial a higher end look when compared to the original, which had relatively flat looking printed indices.

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The hours and minutes hands are nearly identical to those found on the The seconds hand, however, deviates slightly from the historical model.Seiko dive watches have a massive — at times fanatical — following.

These SRP77 divers are actually reissues of the original Turtles — historic divers from the family, produced from until Not only is this new version a faithful homage to the original, it also represents nigh-on-unbeatable value for money. Of course, the broad sides have a functional purpose as well, the ample flanks serving to protect the case, as well as the crown.

The bezel, which protects the Hardlex crystal, adds a lot of height as well as some contrasting texture, thanks to the double row of polished grips. I had a look at three different dial versions of the Turtle. There are no such concerns with the 4R36 movement. The Turtle comes on a black silicon strap or steel bracelet depending on what version you pick up.

The fact the case has drilled lugs is a nice touch and makes strap changes fairly painless. Like Seiko? Like dive watches? Like great-value mechanical watches? This is not a perfect watch, but the imperfections fade into insignificance given the frankly amazing price point.With its different watch lines, Seiko has proved to the watch community that it is a brand to reckon with.

Although, generally, Seiko watches are quite affordable, the SKX line is particularly known to be value-priced, costing significantly less than the Prospex line. Nonetheless, we have to give it to Seiko as, though the Seiko SKX line is less sophisticated, quality is not in the question.

Seiko baby turtle vs seiko skx007

So, because this review is going to be a pretty lengthy one and not everybody has the time, we have prepared a comparison overview section. The comparison overview gives you an executive summary of the review to help you make a quick but informed decision.

You can depend on the quality and durability of these watches. In looks, both watch lines are good, although many might tend towards for the SKX for its size. The Turtle, on the other hand, only comes in one size which is considerably large. That of the SKX, on the other hand, is the 7s26 — an automatic movement which leaves us mind-blown considering the price. The 7s26 does not hack, neither does it come with hand-winding. When it comes to offerings, the Seiko Turtle has way more watches in its lineup than the SKX line which has just three watches in its lineup.

So, naturally, the Turtle gives you more options just not in size. They all come in one size. Finally, when it comes to the bracelet, both watch lines have two options you can select from — stainless steel and silicone rubber. First off, these are affordable wrist watches on every count. And at their budget price, these watches still hold their own easily in the market. In fact, they over-deliver. The Seiko SKX is the more affordable line, and, expectedly, it comes with its compromises here and there.

seiko turtle vs skx

If, however, you need this for diving purposes, then best believe that the beefiness of these watches are in your best interests. This is followed by the SKX which measures at 42 millimeters. This is a pretty large watch which automatically makes it a picky watch.

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Now, to the material of these cases. As usual, Seiko uses steel, brushed on the top surface and polished at the sides. The combination of these makes these watches quite attractive, especially when you take into the account the exterior of the bezel and how it fits the case snugly.Our review today is on the Seiko Samurai vs Turtle.

Now, these two watches are quite eye-catching, attractive and super functional. So, if the Samurai and Turtle are a little out of reach, you could check out those ones.

So get ready to take a deep dive with us as we check out the similarities and differences between these two watches. And of course, with an upgrade to the watch line also comes an upgrade in price as well.

While the SKX watches sell for only about a couple of hundred bucks, the Samurai and Turtle sell for about twice that price. Is this price increase justified? We will get to that in a bit but first, our overall opinion of the features of these watches. One thing we have come to know and respect Seiko for is their ability to produce quality even at a really low price.

These watches come with an automatic movement which, of course, is expected at this price. They both meet up to all the ISO standards.

Plus, they look really good too.

seiko turtle vs skx

We also appreciate the fact that these watches come hackable. But then again, they are not exactly the same price as these watches so that much is forgivable.

But then again, for the price? Seiko gets a huge thumbs up from us. Seiko has always given us quality at a real small price. The movement is great and hackable.

Compared to the workhorse 7s26 movement that was on the SKX watches, this is a much improved movement. Accuracy is also another thing. The only gripes with these watches would be their crystal and maybe their size.The SKX is one of the most iconic divers currently on the market. If the Submariner is the quintessential modern dive watch in the luxury market, then the SKX is, without a doubt, its affordable counterpart. Other variants feature the same case paired with different dial designs and colors, some of which were conceived for specific international markets.

To become better acquainted with all the available variants, check out this incredibly informative post. The watch reviewed here is my own. The SKX case comes in at approximately The lug width is 22mm, and the lug-to-lug length is a very reasonable and accommodating 46mm, so it should wear comfortably on a wide range of wrists. It is a bit of a thick watch at The ISO-rated case boasts an impressive m of water resistance. The case of the SKX is wholly unique to Seiko and represents a natural progression of the design going back several models.

The overall design of the case is quite soft; there are no hard lines or transitions between sections or finishes. The sides of the case are highly polished, with the tops of the lugs featuring a fine-brushed finish.

The unsigned crown is quite large and features coin edging, but due to the height of the crown guards it can be quite difficult to operate. The click bezel is extremely well executed.

It features a two-tiered groove pattern that allows for a sure grip, and the bezel action is truly impeccable. At this price point you normally get some wobble or less than stellar action. Not the case here. It feels like the bezel of a much more expensive watch.

The insert is black aluminum with silver markers for each minute going all the way around the bezel. The lume pip, centered at 60, is shielded.

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The technical specs are etched along the perimeter of the case back. It features a matte black base with rounded white hour markers, but with two exceptions. Overall, the markers are large and legible, necessities on any professional dive watch. The day wheel is bilingual Spanish and Englishand Saturday is represented in blue text and Sunday in red.

The hours hand is sword shaped and the minutes hand is a stylized arrow with a broad base; both are needle tipped. The seconds hand is a departure for Seiko, in that it has a significantly long counterbalance with a lumed lollipop end bordered in black trim Seiko divers traditionally featured lumed circles or segments on the front end of the seconds hand.


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