Cisco scheduled config

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Cisco scheduled config

Now we know this will be the state our device will reboot into we can schedule our reboot command, you will want to give yourself enough time to do all the changes you need to make and test but not too long to where you have to sit around for 40 minutes waiting for the device to reboot. Below is an example of scheduling a reboot in 15 minutes from now.

In the example above it is set to 15 minutes. At this point we have some time to make and test our changes, if the changes cut our arm off we can just wait the remaining time until the device reboots and we are allowed back in. These are instructions on how to specify a single switch in a switch stack to become the master switch every time and not hope the stack master election picks the one you want through a […]. If you have ever uploaded an image to a switch that is not supported by that hardware you will be all too familiar with this.

Keep in mind these instructions are written for a Cisco […]. There are times where you need to specify the length and width of the terminal when issuing commands either to properly format the output to be parsed by scripts easier, or to eliminate the need […]. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Ciscox write memory.

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Cisco - x write memory. Ciscox copy run start. Cisco - x copy run start. Ciscox reload in 15 testing failover to backup link. Cisco - x reload in 15 testing failover to backup link.

cisco scheduled config

Ciscox reload at Cisco - x reload at Cisco - x show reload. Reload reason : testing failover to backup link. Cisco - x reload cancel.

cisco scheduled config

Cisco - x. Previous Python — Lists. Next Python — Benefits of using a Virtual Environment. March 18, kyle smallguysit.

How to schedule a reload

May 24, kyle smallguysit. March 21, kyle smallguysit. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Is there any way to do a automated schedule backup of config to external server via tftp or ftp?

You could also use Rancid to backup your other network devices too, if needed. As Marius recommended, I suggest to run this on a management server which poll the config and save. You can offload these activities from ASA and let it focus on security. Rancid is good tool. I am using solarwinds which has NCM module and manage configs which include backup jobs. Buy or Renew. Find A Community.

We're here for you! Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. ASA automated schedule backup config to external server.

Marius Gunnerud. VIP Advisor. Depending on the ASA version. Mohammed al Baqari. As Marius recommended, I. Latest Contents. Created by ipiven on PM.

Created by Jason Kunst on PM. Monitor ipsec tunnel and bandwidth utilization on ASA. Created by samarthashetty on AM.I want to know it from your Personal Experience. IT Professionals of Florida, Inc. Version number and date gives me a nice easy read through of what happened and when.

We run it on a schedule with emailing a group if any changes are detected with changes highlighted. Reason for the schedule is to monitor for a hacker making a change.

It will ask you a few questions, like the location of your tftp server, enter the IP address of your workstation. I usually aim for system name, then date of configuration save. Operate that by copy running-config tftp:Next prompt enter your IP, then the following the filename you would like to use.

cisco scheduled config

I know that you can consolidate that command down to one, but I like to be able to confirm what I'm sending this to as I save the TFTP config. There's a few other ways, but at least having a few backup protocols is a must-have in your environment. For this task you cant go wrong with the Cisco network assistant.

CNA is nice, but to a fault. It's really better for router configurations, but depending on your environment and model, the switches may not support it. I've liked the Spiceworks Inventory tool. We have our switches added to a scheduled scan, and it will backup the config. It can detect when there is a change to the config, and back it up, while also keeping revision history.

I have something like 50 switches so not having to manually go in and back them up is really nice. Not saying that this is the correct or best method, but from what I've been taught from online videos, a simple method is I have used spiceworks in the past for smaller installs of 10 - 30 network devices.

It does a good job of making configs and past configs available. In larger installs something like Solarwinds NCM does an amazing job at backing up helping standardizing configs. A lot depends in what you currently use for monitoring your network and how close to a single pane of glass you would like. If you are just a contractor needing to make backups a free tftp server and the command "copy run tftp" is great.

Basic old copy [source] [destination] commands that have been used forever, everywhere. My personal experience states that IT is a bit hectic and we have to carve out time for the important things that no one else knows about. The more items that are important, the less we are seen as productive. To avoid the perception issues, I prefer something that is automated and backs up the configs in some way.You can use this feature to schedule jobs on a one-time basis or periodically.

The job s can be executed once at a specified time in the future or at periodic intervals. Note To use the command scheduler, you do not need to obtain any license. You can use this feature to schedule zone set changes, QOS policy changes, backup data, save the configuration and other similar jobs.

Multiple jobs can be assigned to a schedule. A schedule executes in one of two modes: one-time or periodic. The following types of periodic intervals are supported:. Before scheduling jobs on a Cisco MDS switch, be aware of the following guidelines:.

Cisco IOS – Schedule Reboot / Cancel Reboot

The scheduler does not have any default time configured. If you create a schedule and assign job s and do not configure the time, that schedule is not launched. To use the scheduling feature, you must explicitly enable this feature on the required switches in the fabric.

The configuration and verification commands for the command scheduler feature are only available when this feature is enabled on a switch.

When you disable this feature, all related configurations are automatically discarded. To enable the command scheduling feature, follow these steps:. Discards the scheduler configuration and disables the command scheduler default.

To display the command schedule status, use the show scheduler config command. Note AAA authentication requires the clear text password of the remote user before creating and configuring command scheduler jobs.

To configure remote user authentication, follow these steps:. To display the scheduler password configuration for remote users, use the show running-config command. Note The scheduler remote user passwords are always displayed in encrypted form in the show running-config command output. The encrypted option 7 in the command exists to support applying the ASCII configuration to the switch. To define a job, you must specify the job name.

This action places you in the job definition config-job submode. In this submode, you can define the sequence of CLI commands that the job has to perform. Be sure to exit the config-job submode to complete the job definition. Note You must exit the config-job submode for the job definition to be complete. To define a job for the command scheduler, follow these steps:.

Specifies a sequence of actions for the specified job. The defined commands are checked for validity and stored for future use. Note Be sure you exit the config-job submode. To verify the job definition, use the show scheduler job command.

To delete a job for the command scheduler, follow these steps:.

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After defining jobs, you can create schedules and assign jobs to the schedule. Subsequently, you can configure the time of execution. The execution can be one-time or periodic depending on your requirements. If the time for the schedule is not configured, then it will never be executed. When you specify a periodic job execution, that job is executed periodically at the specified daily, weekly, monthly, or delta intervals. To specify a periodic job for the command scheduler, follow these steps:.

Defines a job schedule weekendbackup and enters the submode for that schedule.But if i set the scheduler to run the job in about 4 hours more then just a few minutesit does not run the job at the scheduled time. Go to Solution. View solution in original post. The problem is that KRON does not support interactive commands that require user confirmation.

Try replacing the line in bold with 'cli write' and see if that works. Also, in global config mode, configure:. I have exactly the same problem, but only to some Switches. I configured for 40 Switches, 34 of them are working fine and 6 Switches have this problem. Actually ca.

And the 6 Switche work only with your suggested config at the bottom with. I don't know why. When am scheduling a kron to copy the running-config to a tftp server for every 5 min.

Running config files are not getting copied plz help. I personally would use a folder setup so each switch would save their configs to a separate folder. So the command would look more like this:. The above will save the config every 24 hours minutes. If you put the switch name in the path like switch2, switch3, etc. Also, with archive, it keeps multiple copies. You can even use the show archive command to see them.

cisco scheduled config

What archive cannot do is is be schedule for a specific time. If you wanted to backup every 8 hours you can do that by adjusting the time-period. When it does save the config it adds a timestamp to the name. If you want to use kron, then your TFTP server will need to allow files to be overwritten. Buy or Renew. Find A Community. We're here for you! Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Showing results for.The scheduler allows you to define and set a timetable for maintenance activities such as the following:.

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Jobs consist of a single command or multiple commands that define routine activities. Jobs can be scheduled one time or at periodic intervals. Before starting a job, the scheduler authenticates the user who created the job. Since user credentials from a remote authentication are not retained long enough to support a scheduled job, you need to locally configure the authentication passwords for users who create jobs.

These passwords are part of the scheduler configuration and are not considered a locally configured user.

How to schedule a reload

Before starting the job, the scheduler validates the local password against the password from the remote authentication server. The scheduler maintains a log file containing the job output. If the size of the job output is greater than the size of the log file, the output is truncated. Scheduled jobs remain available after a supervisor switchover or a software reload. License Requirement. Cisco NX-OS. The scheduler requires no license. Any feature not included in a license package is bundled with the nx-os image and is provided at no extra charge to you.

You must enable any conditional features before you can configure those features in a job. You must have a valid license installed for any licensed features that you want to configure in the job.

You must have network-admin user privileges to configure a scheduled job. The scheduler has the following configuration guidelines and limitations:. The scheduler can fail if it encounters one of the following while performing a job:. Verify that you have configured the time. The scheduler does not apply a default timetable.Not everyone knows that the reload command permits to schedule a reboot system; for instance, to plan a night router restart or during a critical configuration AAA, vty, and so on….

If you specify the month and day, the reload is scheduled to take place at the specified time and date. The following example reloads the router on April 30 at a. The followind example reloads the router in 90 minutes:. Remember: You can define the reason for the reload. WhoisUP 0. Apr 28 An article by Fabio Semperboni Tutorial. Not everyone knows that the reload command permits to schedule a reboot system; for instance, to plan a night router restart or during a critical configuration AAA, vty, and so on Fabio Semperboni.

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